Mind & Machine VFX

VFX Reel

MIND & MACHINE grew out of a gathering of visual effects veterans working on the 2014 independent sci-fi movie, Space Station 76. We had such a great time working together, we created a place to do it permanently with the goal of allowing seasoned professionals to work on projects that inspired them. Our company is all virtual, utilizing our trusted industry peers and cutting edge technology. Our guiding principle is to treat our artists with kindness and respect, because happy artists make great VFX. We love what we do, and we love bringing our upbeat attitude and discerning eye for quality to projects of all shapes and sizes.

Brands and titles we've worked on:

Con Man Intel XBox Shell Young Brando Callaway Chevrolet Space Station 76 Anomalisa

Studios our talent honed their craft from:

Warner Bros. DreamWroks Animation Nickelodeon Industrial Lights and Magic Sony Pictures Imageworks Walt Disney Feature Animation EA